The New Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is Here!

The new Benjamin Moore color of the year is here, and it is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!  Metropolitan (AF-690) is about comfort and elegance.  Ben Moore is still flaunting the greys, but very smartly, mixing in some fun pops of rich color.  This has been a noticeable trend for about 18 months; grey is still very dominate but we are seeing exciting entering the mix.  For quite some time the standard of the industry has been grey and more grey mixed with a bit of white.  Quite happily that is falling by the wayside.

The change may be subtle, but it indicates more than meets the eye.  Historically the introduction of new bolder colors indicates the feelings of our society are swinging to the positive, both economically and ease of mind.  This is a great sign for the confidence of our market.  And, perhaps, time to step out of the box and be a little bold with your colors.

So, in keeping with trends, it’s okay to liven up your palates.  Try using Hale Navy as an accent wall or small bathroom.  Head Over Heals would be fabulous in the kitchen with pops of gold hardware and possibly a splash Cloud White – definitely appealing to the more feminine buyer. Beau Green is a new and refreshing take on the Hunter Green which was so popular in the 1990’s, so give this color a try in the office or family room.

There are so many ways to utilize these colors to up your game – don’t be shy here and have fun.

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