Weekend Intensives

A Two-Day Intensive Program

Our Weekend Intensives are designed to give you an extensive hands-on emersion in one of five key areas. Our Crew-Based approach shines in this arena – providing you multiple experts throughout the weekend. These amazing courses will provide you leading-edge experience to master the fine art of Investment Real Estate. You will be provided written instructional materials, critical experience from experts and additional 30 days back up support from our instructors to help you in the real world, because we live in the real world.

The Five Core Weekend Intensives

Construction Analysis – Prepares you with the information and knowledge to successfully estimate your rehabs, act as your own General Contractor, work through permits and zoning and prepare an accurate comprehensive budget. This course will teach you how to save money and control costs.
March 2 and 3 , 2019 with our case study March 5, 6:30-8:30 pm. (Click here to view class itinereary)
Financing – The ever popular Intensive which will teach you multiple financial strategies, how to use other people’s money and creative financing. This course will teach you what lenders are looking for in detail and how to incorporate financing dollars into your budget. Our lenders will be available to discuss your specific projects. This course can save you tens of thousands of dollars!
September 2019, Date TBD
The Immediate Market – Teaches how to prepare a critical three year market analysis, what are the market trends, who is buying/renting and what do they want from a home, identifying up and coming markets and getting to know your local Village Hall. All of this will strengthen your investment feasibility and increase your profits!
Date TBD
Financial Standards – Explains in detail calculating and understanding CAP rates, buy and hold strategies, viable alternative rental options – non-profits and such, how the construction budget contributes to the numbers and all of the “soft costs”. This course will provide you with detailed information and formulas most investors don’t apply and can reduce profitability or break a project. Learn how to work the numbers in your favor and stay in the black!
Date TBD
What Goes Into Buying a Property – Clarifies the mysterious “closing”. You will learn how to search your own title, prepare a tax analysis, understand lis pendens (foreclosure), comprehend a tax bill, what fees are included in closing costs, the importance of a great title company and your attorney. We will also evaluate the “double closing” and its components. This course will provide you with a strong understanding of the critical legal and closing components and how to keep more money in your pockets!
Date TBD

Single Weekend Intensive: $499



Class Terms:

All classes will be held in Algonquin IL.  Coffee, water, soda and light snacks will be provided.

Students will receive the location, time and full syllabus in PDF format as well as what to bring. 

No refunds. 

If a you sign up for a class and would like to have a business partner or partner/spouse join you, they may attend on the same enrollment, but proof of relationship or connection such as a drivers’ license for married couples or articles of incorporation for business owners will be required. No EXCEPTIONS. 

Once you have paid for a course you can re-take the same course again in the next 12 months for free.